Security Camera Systems

Echelon HTS provides the most technologically advanced

Security Camera Surveillance systems available today


Security systems are custom tailored to meet your individual business or home needs


A cookie cutter aproach that most other security providers offer will not develop an effective surveillance solution.


Businesses have different employees, diffrent buildings,  and diffrent assets to protect and monitor.


Echelon evaluates each business and home as there needs are unique.


Our surveillance engineers work in conjunction with your company represenatives to provide a comprehensive solution that will maximize surveillance effectiveness.


Types of System Offerings


Network Based Video Surveillance Systems

Echelon HTS INC. is at the forefront of network based Video Surveillance Systems throughout the State of Texas. Network based systems are ideal for campus environments, oilfield properties, trucking companies, retail enviroments, medical facilities, co nvenience stores,  just about any business that has a need for extreme high resolution megapixel cameras, or applications requiring wireless network links.

Benefits of Network based Video Surveillance:

  • Leverage existing network infrastructure investment
  • Implement a single enterprise level video management platform across all locations
  • Implement Mega-pixel cameras to capture important details like license plates or currency demoninations
  • Monitor your business from any web enabled device, anytime from anywhere in the world
  • Discover valuable Business Intelligence by observing customer behavior and patterns
  • Position for future expansion and advanced system capabilities
  • Video Recorded off the shelf Servers and Network components
  • Cameras with Power of Ethernet (POE) reduce wiring and costs and improves manageability
  • Easy migration from an Existing Analog Camera System


Digital Video Recording (DVR) Systems

At Echelon HTS INC., we realize that not every application requires the latest technology. Our experience with thousands of customers across Texas allow Echelon to know what works for certain applications and what doesn’t. Many times a standard Digital Video Recorder with good quality cameras are just the trick. We can help you understand the wide variety of choices and price ranges to determine what solution is best for you.

Benefits of Digital Video Recorders:

  • Generally more cost effective for smaller systems
  • Networkable systems that allow remote viewing over the Internet and monitor operations remotely
  • Wide variety of inexpensive cameras and features, including covert cameras.
  • Proven to Reduce Crime such as Employee Theft, Shoplifting and Vandalism
  • Systems available from basic to advance functionality
  • Lower Fraudulent Liability Claims
  • Protect and Increase Profits by Improving Employee Productivity
  • Enforce Safety Codes and Operating Procedures
  • Learn Employee Behaviors and Staffing Needs
  • Monitor operations remotely