Wireless Networking Wi-Fi Systems

Echelon HTS Wireless Networking Wi-Fi systems provides a wide-ranging wireless security solution. It includes wireless authentication, access, security, and management that help you adjust to the new demands for speed and security system.

Echelon HTS provides high-speed internet and network connections for your offices. It works even without physical contact between the sender and receiver. Access points are detected easily by the computers and various Wi-Fi certified devices.

Echelon HTS wireless networking Wi-Fi systems enables you:

  • To manage all policies from a ‘single pane of glass’ management console and improve protection while simplifying your network
  • To make it ideal for small and medium business in distributing and connecting to branch office deployments
  • To provide secure access with a cost-effective device
  • To deliver comprehensive, proven threat management and policy enforcement easily
  • To integrate security for your wireless networks quickly and easily with unique approach

With Echelon HTS, you can rest assure that your network connections are working properly.