Projector Set-up

With Echelon HTS’s outdoor projector set-up services, your business promotions can become more interactive and productive. We have highly trained technicians that are capable of installing high-performance projector which is a great way to open up more possibilities for engaging your audience.

  • Our Projector set-up can provide the following features:
  • Clear images even in bright conditions
  • Less distractions
  • Reduces shadow interference, making presentations a more pleasant experience for all participants
  • Hassle-free, productive  and creative presentations
  • Easy access for reference by splitting the screen projection mode
  • Access on various functions for a better and easier presentation such as laser pointing, mouse navigations and more
  • Ensures projector compatibility with various cables
  • Secures projectors with codes or passwords to prevent them from being stolen

With Echelon HTS, you can effectively conduct interactive discussions, whether it is for a group of your prospect customers or a grand outdoor conference meeting. This is because we pursue perfection in performing our services to exceed the customer’s expectations.